Weeds Can Be Converted Into Compost In 15 Days

Has the farm been destroyed by weeds? Don't worry, this weed can make a great liquid organic fertilizer without harming the soil or the world.

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Weeds Can Be Converted Into Compost In 15 Days
Weeds Can Be Converted Into Compost In 15 Days

Have you started farming with hope and desire? Then there's the bigger problem. weed. The grove and fields are full of weeds. What will Buy some weed killer and spread it out and burn the weeds, right? Wait, what if this weed makes a great organic fertilizer for your farming? Organic fertilizers are fertilizers made naturally. Here we are going to make organic fertilizer in liquid form. Such weeds can be converted into good fertilizer in just 15 days. How? We will see.

This organic fertilizer provides better nutrition to the crops. It is ideal for short-term crops such as bananas and vegetables. Weeds can be learned to make liquid organic fertilizer.

weeds to compost

Necessary items

  1. Weeds (finely chopped): 50 Kg
  2. Water: 200 liters + 10 liters
  3. Jaggery: 400 g
  4. Salt: 400 g
  5. Tamarind: 400 g
  6. A drum or cemented tank capable of holding this much material.

NB: Take only as much as you need in this ratio of ingredients

Learn To Prepare

Finely chop 50 kg of weed and spread it in one place. Mix jaggery, salt, and tamarind in ten liters of water and stir it into a solution. Mix this solution with the herbs and mix well. After half an hour put them in a tank or drum filled with 200 liters of water and mix well. Stir well every three days. After fifteen days, the weeds will rot in the water and will have a peculiar smell. Now strain it well. This solution should be used for cultivation. It can be drilled into the base of the plant, or sprayed onto the plants via a sprinkler. Then this tank itself can be refilled with water and within 15 days the liquid solution can be made. This solution is good for nutrient availability, immunity, and growth. Any plant (weed) growing in the trunk and field can be used for this. Large-scale gardeners can build a large tank and use this solution for all types of crops.

Nutrient content of this mixture (per liter of solution)

Nitrogen 32 mg/liter

6.2 mg/liter

Potash 2000 mg/liter
Calcium 260 mg/liter
Magnesium 189 mg / liter
Zinc 0.24 mg/liter
Iron 0.64 mg/liter

Now instead of burning the weeds with medicine and causing damage to the soil and country, try something like this. Leave your comments and suggestions below. And if there are any other methods you have found, please comment below.

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