Choose A Mini Sprayer Suitable For Kitchen Gardening

Pests are a major problem for kitchen gardeners. Choose the best mini sprayers that can help you kill these pests effectively.

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Choose A Mini Sprayer Suitable For Kitchen Gardening
Best Mini Sprayer

Let's see how to choose the best mini sprayer for home or small farm growers. Pests are the villains of the farm. Mini sprayers can help in killing such pests effectively. Let's take a look at the handy mini sprayers that help with pest control.

Major Villanad Pests of Vegetable Cultivators. Effective pest control is essential for agricultural crops. Although sports pest control and biological control methods are applied, in the present situation the self-defenced pests can only be controlled by proper pest control methods.

Due to the high cost of vegetables and the deadly poisons used in vegetable production, many people have started to grow their own vegetables at home. Eating clean, unpolluted vegetables is not only healthy for the body but also for the mind. No one should use the mini sprayer mentioned here to spray deadly poisons. Instead, use only for pest control.

Those who grow vegetables on terraces and kitchen gardens face various kinds of pest attacks. Various organic pesticides and legal chemical pesticides should be used at regular intervals to control the attack of aphids, mealybugs, and leaf and fruit-eating worms. For farmers who have grown vegetables in their own backyard or on plots up to 5 cents, handheld mini sprayers are sufficient for precise pest control. There are various sizes of mini sprayers available in the market like 1 liter, 1.5 liter, 2 liter, and 3 liter.

Mini Sprayer Main Parts

  • Pesticide filling tank
  • Tank cover and related units
  • Air pump attached to cover
  • Air pumping fast
  • In the spray nozzle
  • Hold the hand

Mini Sprayer Working

Strain and pour the diluted pesticide into the tank about three-quarters full. Then lower the pumping assembly with the lid into the tank and close the lid tightly. Fill the tank with air by moving the air-pumping knob on top of the lid up and down. When the required pressure inside the tank is reached, when the flow control button is pressed, the pesticide inside the tank comes out strongly through the nozzle. The control system at the tip of the nozzle can be adjusted to decide how to spray the pesticide coming out.

These mini sprayers are very helpful in creating the most simple and effective pest control system. Also, nozzles can be arranged to apply insecticides such as chlorpyrifos from the base of the banana, high up between the stems of the banana leaves and between the cheeks (on the banana branches) to control the banana borer and caterpillar.

Such mini sprayers are available in the market for Rs.250 to Rs.700. Such sprayers can be used to spray insecticides and spray insecticides to combat mosquito, ant, and flea infestations around the home. When spraying insecticides, face covering or mask and gloves should be worn, and after using the insecticides, the utensils used should be washed and cleaned, and then the hands and body should be washed and cleaned.

Pests are a major problem for kitchen gardeners. Choose the best mini sprayers that can help you kill these pests effectively

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