New Gen Fertilizers To Beautify The Garden

Unleash the hidden potential of your garden! Explore revolutionary new-generation fertilizers for vibrant blooms, healthier growth, and stunning landscapes.

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New Gen Fertilizers To Beautify The Garden
New Gen Fertilizers To Beautify The Garden

Good plants are not enough to make a garden beautiful, they need to grow well, flower, and stay colorful. For that, the plants should be given good-quality fertilizers. Whether flowering plants or ornamental foliage plants, most are still planted and cared for in pots today. Therefore, only the fertilizers available in the planting mix are available to them. Often these fertilizers are deficient in quantity and quality. The solution to this problem is the new generation fertilizers that provide more quality and result in less quantity. Fertilizers are also available today that, once added to the planting mix, provide long-term nutrients to plant roots. Such fertilizers are more useful in the maintenance of indoor plants.

Fertilizer for many people only means urea, potash, factamfos, etc. Keep in mind that urea, which is used to provide nitrogen to plants, only has a life of 3-4 days in the soil. Recently, DAP (diammonium phosphate) and its liquid form Nano DAP have become substitutes for traditional chemical fertilizers in horticulture. However, it has been pointed out that if DAP is applied for a long time, the electric conductivity value of the soil will increase and then the plants will not be able to absorb the salts.

Fertilizers suitable for each stage of plant growth are available in the market today. Many of these are imported from abroad. Among these, the products of the German company Combo Expert are at the forefront. All are completely soluble in water. Let's take a look at some of the new-generation fertilizers that can be purchased in person or online.

Novatec Solub 21

When fertilizers containing nitrogen are applied to the soil, the plant cannot absorb the nitrogen in the same state and use it for growth. Certain types of bacteria that grow in the soil convert ammonium molecules containing nitrogen into nitrate. Nitrate is absorbed by the roots but must be converted back into ammonium for plant growth. For this, the plant will have to spend extra energy. However, a special chemical in Novatec fertilizer effectively inhibits the action of bacteria that nitrites ammonium, so that the nitrogen-containing ammonium can be fully utilized by the plant. This fertilizer also helps the roots to absorb various types of minerals easily by raising the acidity of the soil. The plant will grow stronger by producing more roots from the tip to the sides. Nova Tech is the best fertilizer for new beds. 3 - 5 gm/liter of water can be given in solution depending on the growth stage of the plant.

Basfoliar Gold Black

Liquid organic manure. Fulvic acid and humic acid are the main components required for the smooth growth of roots and plants. Both of these help in extra root formation and vigorous growth. Other salts present along with these prevent flower buds from falling off. It will help to give good color to the flowers and increase the life of the flowers on the plant. Perfect for houseplants as they increase their ability to prepare food in low sunlight. Increases the resistance of the plant against insect attack. Grows farmer-friendly microbes in the soil, allowing the roots to grow stronger.

Basfoliar 19 - 19 -19 SP

Fully water soluble NPK fertilizer. It contains equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Along with these, all the micro-salts, magnesium, salts, and micro-fertilizers are required by the plant. Depending on the growth of the plant, 2-3 g / liter of water can be sprayed directly on the leaves or sprinkled under it. Unlike other water-soluble fertilizers, it can absorb moisture and keep it in powder form for a long time without clumping.


A controlled-release fertilizer that is uniformly available to plant roots over a long period. The green pepper-shaped fertilizer has an elastic polymer coating on the outside. The water that slowly seeps into this mantle dissolves the fertilizer inside and slowly pushes it out. It is absorbed by the roots as needed. Depending on the thickness of the cover, moisture gets in and fertilizer gets out. Basacote 6 M fertilizer provides all nutrients needed by the roots in the soil for 6 months while Basacote 9 M provides for 9 months. It also has the advantage that the effectiveness of natural fertilizers adhering to the roots is not significantly affected by climate change.

Basfoliar Avant Nature SL

A liquid organic fertilizer that is a blend of amino acids made entirely from plants. The manufacturers claim that it contains over 100 amino acids. Fertilizers that include NPK help the plant use them quickly. If young seedlings are given this fertilizer before and after transplanting, it will recover quickly from the impact of transplanting and further growth will be possible soon. It will protect the plant from the impact of extreme summer heat. Foliar spray as a solution of 3-5 ml/liter of water. Or you can pour it on the bottom.

Basfoliar kelp

A liquid organic fertilizer made entirely from seaweed. All the amino acids, hormones, vitamins, and proteins in seaweed are available in a way that the plant can easily absorb them without any loss. Helps in vigorous plant growth and flowering. Recover the plant from damage caused by overuse of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Suitable for direct foliar spray and bottom watering as a solution of 3-5ml/liter of water.

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