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Digging can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but there are a number of cool machines that can make the job easier and faster. This article discusses some of the most popular digging machines and how they can be used for a variety of projects.

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Digging Is Now Easier - Cool Machines
Digging Is Now Easier - Cool Machines

For scientific cultivation of rubber, coconut, banana, and fruit crops, it is customary to dig a hole of 50 to 90 centimeters in size, fill it with topsoil and organic fertilizers, and plant the seedlings. As part of afforestation, it is necessary to dig holes at regular intervals to plant tree seedlings in wide areas. In this way, it costs 30 to 50 rupees to build a hole using human labor. It also takes an hour. However, if you have a suitable (Post Hose Digger), you can easily prepare a circular hole in just five minutes. Its cost is only less than 10 rupees.

If the diameter of the hole is less than 30 centimeters, small digging machines that can be operated using electric motors or oil engines are sufficient. However, if holes with a diameter of more than 30 centimeters are required, powerful digging machines that can be operated by attaching them to a tractor are required. Today, farmers rely on these machines more than anything else.

Main Parts

The main parts of the machine that can be operated using the power take-off (PTO) system of the tractor are:

  • A gearbox mechanism at the end of a fastening about 1.5 meters long that can be attached to the tractor's mechanical arms.
  • A screw auger to penetrate the ground.
  • A helical blade made of cast steel that cuts and removes the soil and pushes it out.


After attaching the digging machine to the tractor's mechanical arms using hooks, connect the tractor's PTO system and the machine's gearbox using a propeller shaft. Then, when the tractor with the machine reaches the place where the hole is to be dug, lower the mechanical arms and place the digging machine vertically to the ground. Once the tractor is started, the mechanical power from the PTO shaft rotates the auger of the digging machine strongly. The offset auger and the steel blades on the sides penetrate into the ground and push the soil out of the hole, forming a circular hole. The depth and diameter of the hole will be proportional to the size of the auger. This type of digging machine can only be operated in relatively flat areas where the tractor can reach. In addition, the operation of such digging machines will not be satisfactory in areas with a lot of rocks, stumps, and roots. Digging machines are very useful for planting seedlings at regular intervals in wide areas for new cultivation and for quickly digging holes to secure posts for boundary fences.

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